A Bit About the Survey

What Is The LHNOS?

The ‘Legal High’ National Online Survey (LHNOS) launched in March, 2014 in an effort to learn more about what ‘legal highs’ are being used in different parts of the UK, where people are getting and taking ‘legal highs’, what effects people have experienced after taking ‘legal highs’, and what things influence people’s decision to start, stop, or never take ‘legal highs’.

We’re also interested in people’s thoughts about how health experts could use different social media sites and Smartphone apps (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and many more) to better communicate news and information about ‘legal highs’ to people who are interested in taking them, and which social media tools people would be most likely to use to ask questions about ‘legal highs, and share their views and experiences with experts and people who take ‘legal highs’.

We wanted to create a website that gives people in the UK the opportunity to take a secure, anonymous, confidential, non-judgmental and user-friendly online survey about ‘legal highs’; a survey that people can complete in their own time, access from a variety of social media sites, and complete on a range of devices (laptop, Smartphone, netbook and tablet).

Please let us know if you think we’ve done a good or bad job!

Who Is It For?

This survey is open to everyone in the United Kingdom aged 18 years and older.

“I’ve Never Taken a ‘Legal High’ Before – Can I Take The Survey?”

Yes! We have one survey for people who HAVE taken a ‘legal high’ in their lifetime, and a different survey for people who HAVE NEVER taken a ‘legal high’ before. Click the green button at the bottom of this page to select the appropriate survey for you.

When Does The Survey Close?

The survey closes on September 31st, 2014. After the survey closes, we’ll post detailed information about the purposes of the study and the survey findings on You’ll be able to view and download a copy of these findings for free. If you want to know anything about the survey before then, feel free to get in touch and we’ll help as best as we can.

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